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Tracking and Barking

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I just adopted 2 beautiful senior beagles (8 years) from a shelter yesterday. They had been at the shelter for 1 1/2 years before coming to live with me and nothing is known about their past life. They were simply abandoned at the shelter together. They are wonderful and well behaved girls and one of them might have been used for hunting as when I let her out into the fenced back yard her nose went to the ground and she was on the search. Along with this came barking and howling (into the ground):). I know this is something that is either a natural instinct or was trained into her. I am concerned that my neighgbors will not be as understanding as I am about the noise. I purchased a vibration collar and it got her attention a couple of times but mostly it didn't affect her. I need some help in understanding this issue and some suggestions on how I can resolve it. It has only been 1 1/2 days since she has been with me. Is it possible that as she becomes familiar with the scents in the yard she will bark less? I don't see any other bad behavior - she and her BFF are very close and there doesn't seem to be any separation anxiety when I leave. There are dogs in the neighboring homes and she is not concerned with them. Neither of the girls are spayed yet and I don't know if that changes anything. Both girls love the back yard and I want to let them stay out as much as they want. I also have a German Shepherd and Husky and everyone gets along. It's just that I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood. To someone not familiar with what she's doing, her howling can sound like she's injured. I would hate for someone to be concerned and call the authorities. I am determined to make this work. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.
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