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Training a beagle that learns slower

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I have three litter mates--two males and a female--that just turned 16 weeks. One male barked track at 13 weeks, the other a few days later. They are both running track and opening together. The female has opened once or twice but doesn't seem to want to stay with the males. She's the first to quit and return to me. I run them every morning and most evenings together. I'm thinking she is getting frustrated or confused because she can't keep up. I'm thinking about taking her solo with a tame rabbit to get her a few more chases. I can run her inside my large fenced garden also. Any thought/advice on how to proceed?

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I would say give your female some extra time and attention to build confidence. Yes , any training will help and make sure it is a fun experience for your girl , and , the garden with tame rabbit is a good idea. I would say your girl may have a little shyness being around high drive males but will mature out of this in time with proper support.


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