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vaccine side effects

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I took Cooper for his DHLPP shot today. The Lepto is the only part of the vaccine he's never had before and he seems to be having side effects. The shot was given above his left shoulder. He has a lot of soreness. He's walking ok now, but very slowly. Earlier today, he didn't even want to walk. He's sluggish and yelps when he jumps off couch; walks on the stairs; or when his shoulder is touched. Appetite is normal. He's laying next to me now whimpering quietly.

I will be applying an ice pack to his shoulder.

Has anyone had this problem?
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Hi Eowyn ,
Some soreness and mild lethargy with vaccines can be considered normal as long as it does not last over 24 hours and no swelling , vomiting or diarrhea. Swelling is what I watch for , mostly on face , and it will present quickly if your dog has an allergic reaction to a vaccine and should be addressed immediately by your Vet...Note: If you ever have a dog with an allergic reaction to a vaccine , from then on always wait for 15 to 30 min in waiting room when leaving just to make sure no swelling reaction as this will show very quickly...

Cooper should be back to his happy self very soon.

The Lepto portion of vaccine may be the offending agent in this case, however , if Leptospirosis is a problem in your area the lepto vaccine with best protection to as many strains as possible is well advised.

Best , oldhounddog

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Hi Oldhounddog,

Cooper is improving. He's walking normal and has stopped whimpering. Walking downstairs is the only trouble he's having. He doesn't mind having n ice pack applied to his shoulder so I'll do that if his troubles return. He's sleeping a bit more, but will hopefully be back to his normal, goofball self tomorrow. I've never had a dog react like that to a shot. I just hate when things like that happen after the vet is closed.


Glad to hear Cooper is better.
For many dogs being a little on the sleepy side is normal especially if they get a rabies and dhlpp shot on same visit to Vet. Sounds like you have everything covered and I'm sure Cooper is lovin the extra attention. Don't forget those indoor games...

Best , oldhoundog

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