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A localized allergic reaction to a vaccination isn't unusual, but it is something to watch. If it doesn't develop into a larger cyst or become infected, it's probably nothing to worry about — especially if your dog is acting fine with no unusual symptoms, like lethargic behavior or unusual tenderness.

We live in an area infested with rattlesnakes, so our dogs have always gotten a dose of rattlesnake vaccine every spring before the snakes appear. Invariably, there's a localized reaction in the form of quarter-sized, fluid-filled sterile cyst that shows up about seven days after the injection. The reactions you described seem less significant that that, so like I said, I wouldn't be too concerned, but I'd keep a close eye on it for worsening or infection.

To help control these reactions, we've given our dogs Benadryl. The vet suggested that as a good treatment, and it seems to have done some good. You might try it as well
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