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Very bad gas!

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Our 1 year old Beagle has suddenly got very bad gas, and I mean bad!! Her diet hasnt changed and in fact since the first day she's been on really bland food - chicken and rice to try and help. But its day 3 now and its just as bad. Also she had the runs yesterday and doesnt seem to have pood at all today. Any advice?


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Sounds like she had a tummy bug or something. You can try a bit of plain yogurt, it will help with the gas and a tummy ache. But if she still has runny poo or is constipated a trip to the vet might be a good idea. It is common for them not to poo after having the runs.
Badger got the runs really bad over the holidays. The best thing someone told me is if your dogs gets the runs is to take them off their food and feed them boiled chicken breast and rice until the poop firms up again. We did that with Badger and within 2 days he was back to normal again.
Could also be worms. But, gastritis is probably the cause. My one beagle gets it!
I see a lot of hounds with Chicken Allergies. Gastro Allergies (protien Allergies) can come out as really bad gas, bad poop concistency, and a number of other things. Try switching to a low ingredient diet with NO CHICKEN of any kind in it.... something like Lamb and Rice usually works. You'll be able to figure out if its an allergy really fast and to what exactly.
I would try the plain yogurt and use whatever food you used before the chicken. If the poo remains runny, a sample for the vet might be needed to rule out worms or a tummy bug.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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