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Violent Beagles

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I had an incident yesterday where 2 of my male beagles killed the third beagle in the same pen.
How common is this???? Very upset. What do I do with the two dogs??
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Thnx ppl for your kind words and advice. I'll just take care of the two problem dogs.
Appreciate it.
All three were not altered. Penned together for quite some time. 6x8x4 high. Hunting dogs.
The one that was killed was older than the other two. The only time any of my Beagles
show any aggression is at feeding time. We have 29; Males with males and females with females. Botany Wood Plant Tree Shade
Plant Shade Tree Outdoor furniture Grass

We have had the older male for about a year and the other one for 2 years and the third
for close to 4 years. My husband went out earlier that day to see if the kennels could be hosed
out, but it was still frozen. We went out a couple of hours later to get some to do a little rabbit hunting
and found them. He said they were acting fine. So I just know.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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