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Beagle puppies, as with any puppies can be a lot of fun and a lot of work. Will someone be home during the day to let the puppy out and to keep it entertained and trained? Beagle pups don't tend to bark much, that starts more after they get a bit older. A puppy obedience class would be a great idea. Also, puppy nipping can be an issue. You would need to teach your child to be gentle with the dog. You might want to check a shelter or rescue for a beagle that is a bit older. My 3 are all rescues, all have different personalities. One is a barker and the other two aren't.
Hello everyone. We are a loving family from Atlanta of 4 with two wonderful children 10 and 2. We have been talking about adopting a Beagle puppy and would like to learn as much as possible to see if this is the right decision for us and the puppy.

We are a first time pet owner, so we are starting from scratch with all the silly and stupid questions, so I apologize in advance.

Is Beagle a good choice for a first time pet owner? We have read many great things about them and the only thing that is alarming is that they bark a lot. With a 2 year old, we are cautions that this may create a problem at night.

We are not sure if this is something that could be worked on and trained, or if this is just Beagles and something you have to live with.

Any other information would be GREATLY appreciated.

With much respect,
Hello Jake, great questions.
I have had many beagles over the years and only ever had one that barked a lot.
They do love to talk that is bread into them in general. But in my experience they have to be excited to do that.
As Previously stated from another member that usually doesn’t start until they’re older puppies are very quiet for the first three years maybe more.
They are great with kids young and old, they have tons of love to give.
And they seam to be content with doing whatever it is that you want to do. If it’s just laying around or playing with them there all in! They can be bull headed and most are a bear to house break in general.
But if you have the time to train them they are one of the best dogs I have ever had the privilege to have as a companion.
I would couldn’t imagine a better dog to have!
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