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We miss you Scooter

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One week ago today we lost our beloved Scooter. He was 8 years old (9 in July). We got him as a pup from Don at Beagles Unlimited when he was breeding. 2 years later we got his half brother Boomer. A week and a half prior to his death, Scooter was walking around playing with his brother, eating just fine. By Tuesday he had no energy and wanted nothing to do with food of any kind. Got him to the vet for some tests. Saw that he had pancreatitis, but could not see much more. By Saturday, still getting worse, not eating getting very weak. Took back to the vet to get blood work done. Saw his spleen was enlarged, but no visible signs of any issues. He stayed with the vet through Easter until that night we got the call to rush him to a 24 hour vet for a plasma transfusion. The following Monday, no one could tell us what was going on. The only options we had were a whole blood transfusion or to let him go. When the doctor couldn't even give him a 50/50 chance, we knew that we couldn't let Scooter go through that. That afternoon, we said our goodbyes and he peacefully drifted off.

Now, Boomer is wondering where his brother is. He was never apart from Scooter for more than an hour. This has been very hard on all of us. We are planning on getting a tree for our front yard and spreading Scooter's ashes under the tree. Clothing Glasses Smile Dog Dog breed
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My thoughts and prayers are with you. The photos are great and show the close family bond. Hold fast the memories of Scooter in your heart and he will be with you forever until you meet again.

Best , oldhounddog

I am so very sorry for your loss. :( Beautiful family picture.
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