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Were can I get my beagle trained

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I just got a beagle puppy and I was wonderin were I can take her to get her trained to run rabbits any ideas????
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I'm in mooresville nc and training to run rabbits
I'd highly recommend Reggie and Chad McGrady. They are located near Beckley, WV. If your interested PM me your ph#. I'll call and get you in contact with them.
at home! it was an idea given to me that atleast helps you getting your beagle started. if you know anyone that already hunts rabbits or just go to one of your "sure" rabbit spots try to kick one up yourself. Anyway, take the ends of the feet "which there is no meat there anyway" and tie it to a fishing pole and cast away! its always drove my beagles crazy! Now I just let my kids do all the work, they are practicing their casting techniqe while my beagles practice theirs, good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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