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Hi guys.
I have been participating in show for a while now in Manila and I do allow breeding with some of my beagles, largely though I'm the stud owner so I have no experience with a pregnant dam.

However, one of my girls I decided to breed to continue the line that I have had success with in show.
My vet helped me along, we bred her thrice, and by week 6, she has gotten a bit swollen. The vet was also confident of her pregnancy.

However it's day 60 and she hasn't grown from week 7 to now. Vet said we can do X-Ray at the risk of stressing her so he recommends that I just wait and see. It's just a few days away anyway.

Here's a photo for your opinion. I just crated her now while we cleaned her area and took a quick snap:

Mammal Whiskers Fawn Liver Terrestrial animal

Head Eyebrow Eye Felidae Dog breed
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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