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Sunday morning my dog woke up and he vomited. It was clear with a bit of grass. That whole day he was lethargic and he wouldn't get out of bed. When he attempts to walk up and down the stairs he yelps and he sits down and starts trembling. I tried carrying him to get him inside since he wouldn't walk up and he yelped out in pain. The next morning I took him to the vet he had xrays and bloodwork done and everything was normal. I felt him all over pressed around and he didn't react in pain or anything. he had some gas according to the xrays but it looked normal. It is now Thursday and he seems better he's eating and walking around but he still cries when you try to pick him up which we only tried to get him on the couch after his failed attempt. And he was walking around and just yelped and went to lie down and continued to cry for a few minutes. He is on pain medications because of this. Does anyone know what this could be? He has a follow up appointment on Monday, and he is eating normally nd walking normally but were are just worried and wondering what could be causing him so much pain
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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