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The article on treating intestinal worms with Fenbendazole Safeguard says give it at a different time of month than the ivomec HW prevention. Can someone tell me why? I was going to put the ivomec into the Safeguard wormer to make dosing easier.
Sugull ,

I give Ivomec 1% for HW prevention along with pyrantel pamoate for parasite prevention on the first of every month for my 10 hounds and have never had any trouble and is a one dose treatment. You will need to make sure the dose is correct for the dogs weight, a dosing syringe works well for this. I can see no problem with the two meds ( Ivomec and SafeGuard ) being used together. I use safeguard on regular basis for special needs and dose for 3 days as per instruction for that med. If I were going to use the SaftGuard and the Ivomec on any given month I would use them together on first day dose and follow with just SafeGuard for the next two days as per SafeGuard dosing instructions. These meds are very safe when dosed correctly and I would use with confidence.

Best , oldhounddog

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts