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Will getting the snip stop his aggressive behavior towards other smaller dogs??

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I am looking for some advice. I have a 9 month old boy beagle. He has been absolutely great with other dogs up until the start of this month and now is really aggressive towards other smaller dogs especially of they are off the lead. He literally runs up and attacks them. He is totally fine with bigger dogs and is very submissive.

I am willing to get his bits snipped but don't wont to do it if this may not be the cause of this? He has had lots of socialising as a pup and I i am shocked by this sudden behavior. Is there anything else i can do??

Any advice would be appreciated
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I can't say I'm an expert or that I'm recommending this method, but one reason is he could be viewing smaller dogs all as his subordinates and it will merely just take some consistent discipline to show that attacking smaller dogs is unacceptable. Getting the snip will probably calm him down, but I can't say that this is 100% the reason for this. If he's submissive to bigger dogs, it could be just him thinking he's the alpha around smaller dogs.
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