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Hi. I used to be a member here a long time ago but forgot my user name. Oops. I came across the site again Google searching how to use the horse dewormer on dogs.

I have a 5 year old Beagle who has whipworms thanks to a neighbor's neglected dog. It was confirmed through a stool test. He was bloating up like crazy and we couldn't tell if it was just him being a Beagle sucking in air or something was wrong with him. Long story, but the neglected, emancipated, worm infested dog is now mine. Some people probably already know the story from another forum. :)

So now I have 4 dogs total I need to worm along with 1 cat. I need to worm at the same time. I bought a tube of SafeGard Horse/Cattle dewormer. 25 gram paste, 10% Fenbendazole (100mg/g). I used to use this same exact product a few years ago with cats..but the cat dosage is different for dogs! I'm still trying to figure out what the dosage is for dogs? I was reading this:
For example, a 25 lb Beagle would receive 5 ml per day for a 3 day period (total 3-day treatment consists of 15 ml).
Easy enough.. but I am not certain that this is for the tube I bought! Mine is just a syringe used for 1 or 2 horses. If I went through the get enough Panacur/Fenbendazole to worm 5 animals it would cost hundreds of dollars when one tube of this cost $8.. it's insane!

Has anyone ever done this and can point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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