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Zebras on the Loose

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OH my goodness. The news just came on and the lead story is about a bunch of zebras that are on the loose here. Seriously -- they are out and running around. One is 'in custody' (has been caught) and the other is still running around.

I guess they were being moved to a ranch in Oregon and as they were being moved, some dogs barked or whatever, and off they went.

You should see this -- how funny. Oh, and they were filming an episode of Cops, so if you watch that and see zebras on, that's where I live.

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That's too funny, Orrymain. Have you heard any updates about thos runaway Zebras yet? (They should put it on American's funniest videos or something).
LOL, I hope they were able to round them all up. That would be quite the scene. Something I would expect to see on Reno911 instead of Cops.....
Yeah, it took them about 3 hours to get the 2nd zebra. He was a little bloody from having hit a car, but they said he's fine. Both are at their new homes in Oregon. I guess Cops just happened to be filming here and they were called in. There were like 16 cops called in to deal with the zebra situation.

16 cops? That must of been quite the scene. Then again, a spooked wild animal is cause for concern.
Happy to hear that all is ok.
I'm glad to hear that they got all of the zebras rounded up, but I'm sorry that one of them was injured by a car. So sad!
Yeah, but they say the zebra is okay. Now the woman has dent damage and says her little boy who was in the back seat is having nightmares, but I don't know.

That would be scary to hit such a large animal in your car. My dad hit a deer once and that was terrible!
I don't ever want to know that feeling. Decades ago, a friend and I were out late and I'm sure we hit a dog. We stopped and looked everywhere though and couldn't find it. I've never forgotten it.

It is very traumatic when that happens. I remember the first time I ran over a squirrel. I cried the whole way home. Then several years later, I hit a dog too. He was in the street and it was very dark. He ran right towards my car! I also could not find the dog.
I don't even like to think about it, to be honest. ... and I break for squirrels! :}

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