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Canine Skin Problems

by The Pet Medicine Chest

Is your dog itching to death? Does your dog have hot spots? How about a rash? How about its hair falling out in patches? Does your best friend look at you with those helpless eyes pleading for relief? Do you feel helpless too? If you think this incessant scratching that has gone on for weeks and weeks can't go on any longer, then you have come to the right place for help for your best friend.

You have tried flea remedies, allergy shots, steroids, prednisone, antibiotics. Still your little friend itches and scratches all day and all night. He/she looks to you for comfort and you are failing your lovable loyal companion. You are at your wits end. You are sick of paying out lots and lots of dollars and your dog is still suffering.

It is time to take serious action. Let us help you help your dog!

Did you know that more than 90% of canine skin problems are caused by toxins in your dog's body. These toxins are the root cause of allergy symptoms which is why the conventional veterinary medical practices are to treat your dog for allergy symptoms with all sorts of steroids and other toxic and lethal chemical drugs. These drugs DO NOT SOLVE the problem as you know very very well. The worse part of all is that most of these drugs make the situation worse.

Drugs have a long term detrimental affect to your dog's health and longevity. Drugs lodge in the liver and kidneys and shorten a dog's lifespan. Drugs are merely a band aid while the patient is bleeding to death. They just don't work because they don't get to the cause of the problem. You have witnessed this first hand with your own dog's continual suffering. "Yes, but my vet said this was the only course of action than can be taken". Does this sound familiar? Wrong. Drugs are the only course of action that conventional veterinary medicine preaches, but it is NOT the only course of action that is available to you and your suffering companion.

There are alternatives that have been used and proved for centuries that are available to you and your beloved companion. You just need to know where to turn and fortunately for your dog, you have finally found the viable alternative to bring your dog back to its health, vitality and sanity. We here at the Canine Medicine Chest recommend you get to the root cause of your dog's skin problem. Don't mask this problem with drugs and toxic chemicals, get to the cause and get it out of your dog's body. Vets normally DO NOT to get to the actual root cause of skin problems. In fact the continual use of toxic drugs actually make the situation worse and worse as the years go on.

Did you know that steroids such as prednisone have a long lasting harmful effect to your dog's liver? Did you know that continual use of antibiotics will cause your dog's immune system to be severely suppressed?. Did you know that ALL of the bacteria, both good and bad bacteria, in your dog's body will be killed by the antibiotic and cause your dog's nutritional uptake to be hampered further jeopardizing its health?

The bad ramifications of using toxic steroids and drugs on your dog's health just goes on and on. Is it any wonder your dog is scratching itself to death!!! Is it any wonder he/she looks at you with those sorrowful eyes as though it is asking you why you aren't helping him/her to get better! Why is this happening to me? Can't you possibly help me? Now you can and now you must if you want to have a happy healthy dog.

“I don’t know the secret to these products, but my bulldogs have not had any skin problems for the past two years. They used to have terrible hot spots all summer long and for a good amount of the winter. Now after using the ProBac, Systemajuv, Hemotox, Metaltox, and Trace Minerals, they no longer have any skin problems period”. Linda D., Omaha, Nebraska

Have you ever changed the oil in your car and forgotten to change the oil filter? It didn't take long for the oil to become filthy and unable to properly lubricate your car's engine did it? Well, the same holds true for your dog's body. How can your dog have clean nourishing blood if its filtering systems like the liver and kidneys are filthy and full of toxins? Where do you think those toxins will go when the filters are dirty?

You guessed it, right into the other tissues and organs of the body. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it gets more than its share of these toxic substances. These toxic substances then cause the continual horrible itching, scratching, hot spots, rashes, etc.

Hot spots are caused by these toxins, allergies are caused by toxins, epileptic seizures are caused by toxins, even ear problems are caused by toxins. In fact in the summer of 2000, the New England Journal of Medicine acknowledged that 80-90% of all health problems are caused by toxins. Our doctors have said this for the past 30 years which is why our wonderful natural products have such a long history of success.

Where do these toxins come from? Toxins are in our water such as chlorine and fluoride, our foods with all the preservatives, the air we breathe. They come from the cleaning materials in our homes, carpeting in the home, the herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed in the parks, on our yards and then tracked into the home and kennel, emissions from our cars. Literally everywhere in today's modern industrial society. Most chemicals have a metallic base as the foundation of the product, thus your dog is loaded with heavy metals too. Get to the cause:

Clean your dog's filtering systems.

Here is what you need to do to get your dog serious and long lasting relief. You need to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your little friends skin problems--remove the toxins. Clean your dog's main filtering systems---the liver and the kidneys and skin--of the toxins that have built up and are causing your pet endless scratching and terrible discomfort by circulating throughout the body much like oil circulates throughout a car motor.

How do you do this? By using specifically formulated, centuries proven herbs that have been proven to work on removing toxins from the canine body. Our special blend of herbs has been formulated especially for the canine body. Over the past 45 years we have solved thousands and thousands of dog skin problems by merely cleaning up the dog's filtering systems that normally remove the toxins but which have now become overloaded. You need to gently remove:

  • chemicals

  • heavy metals

that are contaminating your dog's body. You will be able remove toxins gently, easily, without stress and without a huge expense. The Canine Medicine Chest has what your dog desperately needs.

First, de-toxing (cleaning your dog's entire body) is a very simple, inexpensive and relatively quick procedure. You merely add 10 drops of Hemotox (removes chemicals), 10 drops of Metaltox (removes heavy metals) to your dog's daily water for two weeks. Then you stop the drops for 5 days, then continue doing several more two week cycles of drops.

Our recommendation is to do from two to six two-week cycles to really clean your dog's body and get it on the road to health quickly. Like clean oil for your car, your dog's blood needs to be clean in order to feed its body. The older the dog, the more toxins its body has absorbed over the years and the longer it will take to clean its body. A general rule of thumb is one months cleaning for each year of your dog's age.

Second, to accelerate your dog's road to recovery, add ProBac Adult into its food and/or water for at least 90 days. Thereafter, you need to add ProBac Adult to your dog's daily water or food three times weekly.

ProBac Adult adds the essential digestive enzymes which allows your little companion's body to absorb more of the remedies quickly to speed up its body's ability to rejuvenate. This product comes from Europe and has been used in the canine health business for the past 127 years. ProBac Adult adds the good bacteria back into the body that has been killed off by antibiotic use. ProBac Adult also aids in rebuilding the immune system which of course helps your devoted friend return to robust health and vitality much more quickly.

Third, your dog's heart has been pumping contaminated blood to every cell in its body for years and years. Consequently to restore health and vitality we recommend you re-nourish your dog's body by adding natural vitamins and trace minerals to its daily food and water intake. For this purpose, we recommend Canine Vita Pak and Concentrated Trace Minerals. Did you know, without trace minerals in the body, adding vitamins is a waste of money as the body cannot fully absorb the vitamins even if they are natural vitamins? Did you know the animal body cannot absorb synthetic vitamins anyway and without trace minerals you are just plain wasting your money.

Your dog looks to you for its comfort and reassurance that he/she will get well. Your dog trusts you to take good care of it.

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