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Car Safety

by Vicki Chaney

Cars can be especially dangerous for dogs. Set up some simple guidelines to avoid any accidents or injuries. Soon your dog will have lovely car manners.

When you approach your car, have your dog sit and stay while you open the door. When you have made the determination that your dog can enter the car safely, command "Buddy, car" (or whatever command you choose).

While riding in the car, designate your dog's own spot. Crates are the safest way for your dog to travel, but special seatbelts for dogs are another option. Never allow your dog to ride in your lap or stick his head out of your window for obvious safety reasons. Encourage your dog to ride calmly and safely. If your dog is prone to carsickness or excitability, ask your instructor for some easy tips to make car rides more enjoyable for you both.

When you arrive at your destination, have your dog wait in the car until you feel it is safe for your dog to exit.

Keep consistent, and with just a little practice good car manners will become a habit that you both will enjoy!

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