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Cardinal Rules For Agility Training

by Jane Mohr

1.  The shoulders always tell the dog where you're going.

2. 95% of the problems are the caused by the handler, not the dog.

3. For obstacle discrimination, slow down - the faster you approach it, the less time you have to focus your dog.

4. For most dogs, blocking draws their attention to the wrong obstacle like a neon sign.

5. Weave Poles, Weave Poles, Weave Poles.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

6. Whatever method you choose for training contacts, consistency is an absolute must.

7. The more energy you give your dog, the more energy your dog will give you back.

8. Every dog is an individual; what works for one may not work for another.

9. When you think you've walked the course enough, go back and walk it one more time.

10.Always check your score before the class is over.  Mistakes happen and it's easier to correct if the class hasn't ended.

11.  You can always learn something new if you just keep your mind and ears open.

12.If you're not enjoying it, the dog won't either, so quit while you're ahead.
13.There are no hard and fast rules.

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