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Cress Sales And Manufacturing

by Todd Bromley

Beaglers are an independent lot, sometimes by choice, but mostly out of necessity. Enjoying a sport that doesn’t receive the attention, revenue, or national support that much of the other shooting sports receive. Beaglers are often left to go their own way and fend for themselves. Fortunately times are changing. Thanks to the efforts of great magazines such as this one and the popularity of the internet. Now Beaglers can join together from all across the country too share their ideas and sell their products.

Such was the case for this months Beagle Business Page profile company, Cress’ Sales and Manufacturing. Being avid Beaglers and field trialers for years, Linton and Connie Cress started out making their own dog supplies to fill their personal needs. It didn’t take long for other Beaglers to see their products and start asking about them. Soon orders were being filled for family and friends and from this sprung the current business Cress’s Sales & Manufacturing.

Located in Eubank, Kentucky. This family owned and operated business was officially formed in 1992. Now, nearly ten years later the company is still going strong and has exceeded the Cress’ greatest expectations. With only three employees, Linton, Connie, and their daughter Louanne Cress Tucker, Cress’s Sales and Manufacturing is literally operated around the clock. Whether it’s filling phone orders, waiting on customers, manufacturing their own products or keeping their web site updated with their latest line of products, there’s not much down time for this Beagling family.

Cress’s Sales and Manufacturing carry a full line of hunting dog related products. They are master dealers for Tri-Tronics, carrying all of their electronic training collars as well as accessories. They also offer a full line of Wildlife Recovery Systems and Continental Dog boxes. They stock several brand names of hunting clothes and they manufacture their own dog collars and leads. Also available through the company are Cress’ custom built dog trailers as well as a variety of other products. Cress’ Sales and Manufacturing offer competitive prices on all of their products as well as free shipping and accessories. They also offer same day shipping on most of their orders, free of charge.

Cress’ Sales and Manufacturingwould like to thank all of the customers that have supported them over the past ten years. Beaglers generate 95% of the company’s income. They attribute this to the fact that they themselves are Beaglers and have a better understanding of what products are most widely needed in the sport. As well as being known on the trial circuit well before the company was started. Cress’ Sales and Manufacturing also support and donate to many of the local Beagle field trials held in their area.

Along with owning a successful supply business and being avid Beaglers, the Cress’ also operate and maintain a good sized kennel. With many championship bloodlines as their foundation, they often times offer pups for sale to the general public. As stated in the beginning of this article Beaglers often times don’t receive the recognition that the other shooting sports receive. For this reason it is important to support our own in this industry. That’s exactly what you will be doing if you choose Cress’s Sales & Manufacturing as your personal dog supplier. Whether you choose to patronize their business or not, the next time you run into this couple at a Beagling event, take the time to thank them for helping to make the sport of Beagling better for all of us.

If you would like to contact Cress’ Sales and Manufacturing about any of their products or inquire about their Beagles, you can do so by calling 1-800-379-2990. Or visit their web site at .

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