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Dental Care

by Vicki Chaney

Dental care is one of the most important and most neglected aspects of pet care. When introducing a dental care program to your pet, plan on just having fun in the beginning. Real dental hygiene can start in a week or so, after your dog enjoys having his mouth handled. If your dog has a heavy plaque buildup, you may need to start with a professional tooth cleaning (ask your vet). Then you can keep your dog's teeth in tip top shape.

Some dental care products available are:

TOOTHPASTE: Dog toothpaste is non-foaming and doesn't need rinsing. They are also flavored to appeal to your dog.

TOOTHBRUSH: Be sure to use one for dogs! Human toothbrushes can injure dogs' gums. Also, canine toothbrushes are angled and sized to make brushing easier and more effective.

PADS: Pads are usually made of a gauze-like material, and treated with a dental care solution. Pads can be used with toothpaste to enhance their effectiveness. They are a great introduction to a dental care program for dogs that are apprehensive about a toothbrush.

ORAL CLEANING SOLUTIONS: These are made to destroy the bacteria that cause plaque. They are effective as a rinse after brushing, or alternated with brushing as part of a total dental care program.

Should you have a concern regarding the health of your Beagle(s), you should contact your veterinarian. All information on this site is presented solely for educational and informational purposes and should not, at any time, be considered a substitute for seeking or receiving veterinary care for your Beagle(s).