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by Scott Wilson

Have you ever noticed, successful men and successful dogs share many of the same qualities? No matter how our opinions differ on running style; there are particular qualities in which all knowledgeable houndsmen will agree, must be present.

The most important asset for hound or man in the desire to succeed. Desire has many names. Some call it guts, persistence, or grit. I like to call it “work ethic”.

You all know what I mean Every first class rabbit dog, whether is campaigned at field trails or only gets out during hunting season, must display an inordinate amount of desire. The dogs must want, no demand, the chase to continue. A hound like this will show little regard for his personal well being. He will loose cups of blood through is torn and tethered tail. He’ll eagerly work the checks, even though his feet are full of thorns. His body temperature will rise to unsafe levels due to the hot rays of the sun splattering on his shiny coat. He doesn’t care, he’s looking for mister bunny. This dog has a one track mind!

Does the dog I described sound like any one you know. Probably not unless your very lucky to know a person like this. Successful men, like successful dogs, display huge amounts of desire to succeed.What pushed Henry Ford to produce an affordable automobile for the masses when everyone around him told him it was useless? Why did Tomas Edison try over ten thousand different combinations before he got a working incandescent light bulb? My friends, I assert to you, it is the same emotion or quality that every great dogs has. The quality being non other than a strong burning to desire to succeed. A never give up attitude.

Sure, a dog must have a good nose. He must have brains. He has to use his tongue correctly. So must the successful man, know his business, make wise decisions, and be very careful with his tongue.

Now as important as desire might be, we must be sure it is harnessed in a way in which it can be useful to us, namely running rabbits! Don’t fooled by the over aggressive hound that appears to be eat up desire to run the rabbit, many of these type hounds only posses the desire to be in front of the other hounds. These dogs lack the proper amount of cooperative spirit. A similar dilemma exist with the hound who jumps out of his skin tonguing a track that never moves. He as has strong desire to smell rabbit tracks, he could care less where the rabbit went, as long as he gets to blow into this track over and over. This trait is called pottering and when it exist to much degree will render the hound useless. Still other hounds have a desire to run deer or other off game. I think this is self explanatory.

You know, come to think of it, I can’t think of many deficiencies, in either man or hound, that a strong desire to succeed will not cure.

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