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E & B Videos

by Todd Bromley

E & B’s Videos are amateur videos that are filmed, edited, and produced by Mr. Tim Day and Mr. Troy Baker. Both reside in the state of Indiana. Aside from having a great passion for the outdoors and beagling, Mr. Day is a 31-year-old Biology teacher and father of two young children. He also owns and operates Eureka's Gundogs. Mr. Baker is a 30 year old Biomed Technician and the father of two children. He also owns and operates a kennel, Bring'em Back Beagles. It's the combination of the two men's kennels that makes up their video title E & B's.

In their videos, they are trying to promote a medium speed hound that will hunt for it's own game, hark to its pack mates, and be a good companion. The videos were not marketed with the intentions of selling their hounds but they do occasionally have pups and young started hounds for sale. The same hounds that are shown being gunned over in their videos are also trialed and have many wins and places throughout Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio.

After viewing the videos, many things become apparent. First and foremost, these are not professional videos. That statement is not meant to be a knock against either one of these gentlemen or the time and energy that they've put into these videos. However, it is something that the consumer should be aware of before purchasing. In fact, Mr. Day has made it a point to let every potential buyer know in advance, through his ads and on his web site, that these are amateur videos. He also stresses these two points to anyone who contacts him for a video," they are amateur videos so they aren't perfect" and " they were made in the spirit of fun by guys who truly love the sport of beagling".

That being said, what you get to see on the video is a couple of guys with some of their close friends and family members, enjoying the great outdoors with some of their favorite hounds, the way it's intended to be. They don't have the high tech equipment mounted on tripods filming that perfect footage as it happens. In fact, they don't even have a regular cameraman, they take turns shooting the footage. Sometimes as the rabbit comes racing by you get to see it, sometimes you don't. They also do their best to keep up with the hounds so you can actually see the hounds working in different situations. Running through the woods with a camcorder held up to your face is no easy task, but they do their best.

E & B's Videos are shot by a couple of average down to earth guys that are trying to show the public what they prefer in a hunting beagle. There are no smoke and mirrors in these videos, they are not trying to deceive anyone about their techniques or their hounds. They are not trying to get rich or feed their egos. They are making an honest attempt to show people around the country what has worked for them. Such as what feed they prefer, firearms they use, and small items that have enhanced their hunting overall, (all without any corporate sponsoring). Mrs.Day also shows you how she prepares rabbit for the dinner table.

If you choose to purchase one of E & B's Videos, watch and enjoy it in the spirit that it was made, by a couple of people much like you and me. People who enjoy beagles and rabbit hunting, people who thought you might like to go hunting with them.

If you would like to order or enquirer about one of E & B's Videos, you can do so by e-mailing [email protected] or writing to Tim Day, Box 950, Bedford In, 47421. Or visit their web site at

* Volume 1 is 2hrs in length.

* Volume 2 is 1 hr 45 minutes.

* Individual videos = $12.00.

* Get both videos = $20.00

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