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Father-Daughter Beagling Memories

by Charlotte Bragg

Sometimes we go through really hard times in our lives and one of those is losing a parent. Especially one that is close to you and that you do things with everyday.

My running buddy was my Dad and he was the greatest at that. The time he put into his dog and the money he put into our dogs was incredible.

Dad and I would go running just about everyday, trying to get our dogs in shape for an upcoming trial that we were planning on attending. Last year we were gone about 5-6 weekends in a row in order to make trials. It was a lot of money, time and effort but dad and I loved to do it and we loved being together.

He had a bad back and couldn’t go by himself, I was always by his side. Different trials I had Beaglers telling me it was like a family reunion each weekend and they were always looking for me, because they knew I would be there along side my Dad.

Trialing is not all about winning although we were thrilled when I won a trial and then when my Dad won a trial, believe me we were thrilled to death. All that hard work paid off in just a piece of metal, but it was our piece of metal that we had earned. And we earned it together.

The time spent with each other will always be in my deepest memories and I will never forget all of the great times we had together. If you are ever ready to give up and just call it quits, think to yourself before you do, nothing ever comes easy and yes politics get in the way a lot of times; don’t let it get the best of you.

If you have a dog good enough he will come through. They can’t overlook a great hound and do it unnoticed. I have experienced that myself with my hound Julie. She just needs a few points to put her in the champion status. I worked hard to get her there. My dad’s dog needs to be certified and he will have his champion status. My dad worked hard for that, and I miss him not being here to have that certificate in his hand.

Perseverance is the key to success, I have learned it through experience and sometimes experience is the best way. Good dogs don’t come easy and you can’t make a puppy something that it isn’t, you have to rely on good bloodlines and hopefully he/she will turn out. Same as with a good running/hunting partner you can’t always find them and they don’t knock at your door. Look within your family, like your dad, son, or even your daughter. Sometimes they make the best partners.

I know when I lost my Dad I lost a big part of my life, and yet I am still going on because I know I have work here to continue for my Savior and for my Dad, who I miss too much for words to express. His memory is lasting and I will always miss my Dad. His love for the outdoors is in me and I look forward to that blessed day when we shall once again speak face to face. Happy Beagling everyone and hope to see you next issue. Keep’em hoppin.

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