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Hotter Is Not Better With Electronic Training Collars

by Rick Smith

          The stimulation I use for about 90 percent of obedience or foundation training is the first or second level of stimulation. Innotek and Tri-tronics worked with professional dog trainers until they set this stimulation so low that most people can't feel it at all. That's what I wanted, an attention "getter" or distraction to the dog so he'll look to me for instruction. I do not use the collar to punish. At my Seminars I demonstrate level one on myself first then let everyone else feel it. More than one-half of the pupils feel nothing because the electric current is so low. This is very important. Stimulation should not mean pain. Instead, stimulation is a benign form of distance communication, like dialing a telephone so it will ring across town and get someone to answer and talk to me.

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