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Obedience Training is Essential!

by Andy Bunn

 Obedience training is essential for every pet dog!
Obedience training establishes you as the Alpha.

    Putting a leash on your canine and teaching just one command communicates this leadership to your pet. Our pet dogs are more than willing to work and live in harmony with us, as long as they know their position in the pack. If the owner doesn't establish the leadership role, the pet dog could develop unwanted behavior (jumping, chewing, biting, soiling the crate, etc.).

Obedience training can correct and solve most behavior problems.

    Canine bad behavior develops for many different reasons. However, it can be corrected and dissolved with basic obedience training. Teach your dog to follow commands and work for praise, and you'll see a new personality develop. By teaching obedience, we learn to communicate with our canine, and our pet responds with acceptable behavior.

Obedience Training increases the bond and companionship between owner and dog.

    After your training sessions become routine, you will start to understand and interpret your dog's behavior as wants and needs. Your training sessions will promote teamwork to your canine. This teamwork attitude will transfer directly into the home, where good behavior is most important.

Obedience Training makes your pet dog feel necessary to the pack.

    Your canine is promoting the life of the pack in his eyes and mind by working commands. Every service dog, celebrity dog, and show dog, past and future; started with simple obedience training. This is ground work training for every pet dog.

Obedience Training teaches our pet dog how to think and problem solve better.

    As you train your canine, you will notice his intelligence level increase. Fido will perform commands without being ask. Sit and walk on your left side naturally. Greet guest without jumping and go to place when asked to do so. All the things every obedience trained canine should do. Make a new friend today, train your pet dog!

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