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Product Review: Rite in the Rain All-Weather Hunting Journal

You don’t let a little thing like rain stand in the way of training your Beagle, so you need the right equipment that will stand up to the wettest of elements. And when it comes to training your Beagle, you need to track progress. And that’s where the Rite in the Rain hunting journals come in handy.

We reviewed two different journals: the All-Weather Upland Bird Hunting Journal and the All-Weather Water Fowl Hunting Journal.

Sporting an orange jacket, the 4 x 6 inch All-Weather Upland Bird Hunting Journal comes with everything you need to track and improve your success in the field. Just a few of the criteria you can track includes: dogs used, dog performance edges hunted, location descriptions and time positions.

As indispensable as your camo, the 4 x 6 inch All-Weather Water Fowl Hunting Journal lets you jot down details such as weather conditions, decoy strategies and choke diameter.

Both are designed to withstand the most inhospitable of weather conditions and safeguard your valuable data until the next hunt. As well, these journals feature waterproof paper that lets you mark down your results in the heaviest of downpours.

We put the paper to the test, and soaked them in water for about 10 minutes. Without drying them off, we were able to write clearly on the paper using a pencil (an all-weather pen works too). There were no page rips and when it dried out, the writing was visible and the pages weren’t wrinkled.

If you like to hunt with your Beagle no matter what the weather is like outside, you should pick up any of these handy, compact journals. For $7.95, they make for a great investment. You can purchase them online on Rite in the Rain’s website at

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